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Three-way Ball Valves3 way ball valve3  way ball valves

Three-way Ball Valves,L port ball valve,T port ball valve ,flange type
Three way ball valves are suitable for use on various kinds of pipelines of Class150~Class300, PN16~PN40 for switching, dividing, and combining medium flow, of which the operation manners include manual, worm gear, pneumatic or electric actuators, connection manners are in general of flanges. As required by customers, the other type of connection is available too.

Structure and features

L type three way ball valve is used for pipelines to switch the flow direction, being able to switch on two flow lines perpendicular with each other. T type three way ball valve.

May be used to divide, combine or switch the flow direction. T type ball passage is able to switch on three flow lines or switch on two of the three flow lines. T type ball valve may realize two, three or four seats of the functions, however, the specific valve design must draw a distinction between them to realize different function. In this respect, as selecting and ordering by customers, it is necessary to describe in detail the application requirement so as for SEDELON company to make correct design and fitting. Regarding the general Floating three way ball valve, it is unsuited to be used for certain working conditions, which must be made clear to the customers for making right selection. There are many kinds of three way ball valves with unique designs made by SEDELON company to meet customers’ special working conditions and requirement. For the common three way ball valves, SEDELON company adopts in general the design of two seats. As required by customers, SEDELON company can also design and manufacture the three way ball valves with four seats.

Three way Screwed Ball Valves

Three way Screwed Ball Valves, L port ball valve, T port ball valve
1) Size: 1/2" to 2"
2) Working pressure: 1000PSI, for W. O. G.
3) Threaded: BSPT, BSP, NPT, DIN2999
4) Type: T port or L port, PTFE seat, reduced bore, with mounting pad ISO5211
5) Material: WCB, CF8, CF8M etc.
6) Investment Casting body and cap.
7) Operation: Lever with locking device(option)


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